Vicoustic, finally a company that understands that good looks and good sound aren’t mutually exclusive. Acoustic treatment has always been something that sounded like a great idea “you mean my 00 theatre will sound like 000?” until you had a look at it and realised your beautiful theatre had become a band rehearsal room.

Vicoustic now allows you to not only take your gear to the next level sonically, but you can also create original and artistic environments through many of their award winning products such as Wavewood and DC2.

Acoustic treatment is now not only for studios and theatres; we are also using it to create comfortable living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and any other place we spend a lot of time. With modern houses we now enjoy open plan living which is great until you need to answer a call or concentrate while the kids are playing 3 meters away, or there’s a frying pan sizzling in the kitchen. The only solution used to be, get up and walk out, now with strategically placed acoustic/artistic treatment you can stay put and also improve the look of your room with a subtle Cinemaround array, or a bold Flexi/diffusion wall.

These principals also apply to work environments like offices, retail and service based shops, where you want your employees and or clientele to feel a sense of comfort. This has been proven to keep customers longer and also improve productivity.

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  • vicoustic_economical3

    Vicoustic ‘Economic’ Home Theatre Kit

    $5,270 Read More
  • vicoustic_efficient3

    Vicoustic ‘Efficient’ Home Theatre Kit

    $10,270 Read More
  • Cinema-Round-Premium

    Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Accoustic Panels

    $900 Read More
  • vicoustic_flexi_pol_a50_7

    Vicoustic Flexi POL A50 Accoustic Panels

    $1,100 Read More
  • pulsar_mixed

    Vicoustic Mix Kit Pulsar Accoustic Panels

    $550 Read More
  • b00005_grande

    Vicoustic Multifuser DC2 Accoustic Panels

    $770 Read More
  • Wavewoodl

    Vicoustic Wavewood Accoustic Panels

    $1,260 Read More