Experience the future of Television with Panasonic OLED


West Coast HiFi invites you to see the amazing new range of Panasonic OLED Televisions.

This amazing new technology offers superior images by using self-lighting pixels. By eliminating the backlight and replacing it with pixels that switch on and off individually, OLED screens are able to produce perfect black and display over a billion colours. You’ll also see high contrast and colour range when viewed from wide viewing angles too.

Panasonic range includes the EZ950 series, available in a 55″ and 65″ as well as a flagship EZ1000 range offers a 65″ (with 77″ due later in the year) with integrated Soundbar tuned by Technics. In our opinion this picture quality from these new Panasonic OLED’s rivals anything we’ve every sold (including the legendary Pioneer Kuro Plasmas). This range is also picking up rave reviews in the European and Asian media.