Bose UFS-20 Speaker Floor Stands


The pair of Bose UFS-20 Speaker Floor Stands elegantly display your speakers while hiding the wires. Bose has specifically designed these stands to optimize listening and enhance your home theater situation. By selecting the black color option, you can seamlessly blend these stands into the background, draw attention away from the accessories and on to the main event.

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Sleek and Slender
This sleek black metal stand is designed to support your Bose speaker and lift them off the ground or bookcase while elegantly disappearing into the background of your home entertainment setting.

Wire Channel
Hidden wire channel lets you tuck speaker wires out of the way, keeping things neat and tidy and limiting the access of little fingers and pet’s teeth.

Optimal Listening
By raising your speakers to the optimal height, you will get the best quality sound available from your speaker system.

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