Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2 Headphones


P5 stands for pure luxury. Using only the finest of materials, everything is understated yet imbued with a sense of style. They are also 24/7 headphones, light, unobtrusive and above all, wearable. A perfect blend of sound technology and design.

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For excellent sound and comfort, try out this luxury ‘ride’
Whether you’re riding to work, traveling cross country, or just relaxing at home, the P5 Mobile Hi-Fi headphones from Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) will bring you closer to your favorite music. Nothing but pure, natural, detailed sound without any of the ‘amped up’ boomy bass or sizzly treble you often hear with other headphones. That’s because B&W, whose professional monitor speakers are found in some of the world’s finest recording studios, designed the P5s to reproduce the sound of the original recording as accurately as possible.

Industrial art you’ll want to wear
The P5s don’t look like any other headphones, either. Functional yet refined, they’re crafted from aluminum, polished stainless steel, and leather – you won’t find any plastic on these babies. Their soft, sheepskin-padded earcups use memory foam to conform to the shape of your ears for hours of listening comfort. The noise-isolating, closed-back design keeps the outside world where it belongs while allowing just enough ambient sound in to keep you in touch with your surroundings. And because the noise reduction is passive, no batteries or active electronics are ever needed.

Built-in controls for iPod® and iPhone®
A remote built into the headphone cable lets you conveniently control music playback without having to dig your iPod or iPhone out of your pocket. You can even take calls on your iPhone hands-free, thanks to the in-line microphone. (See ‘Details’ below, for a list of compatible iPods and iPhones.) The removable headphone cord attaches to just one earcup, so you won’t have to deal with tangles. And the earcups fold flat to fit nicely in the supplied storage case.

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Weight 0.195 kg
Dimensions 15 x 18 x 6 cm

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