Cambridge Audio 851W Stereo Power Amplifier


The best sounding amplifier Cambridge Audio has ever made The Azur 851W improves over its already highly respected predecessors in just about every way. At its heart is Cambridge Audio’s innovative and proprietary Class XD system

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More than just brawn
Pure power. When it comes to music, it’s about more than sheer brute force. A power amp should take great care in delivering music to your speakers. That’s the strength of the Cambridge Audio Azur 851W. Sure, it packs plenty of muscle with 200 watts per channel driving 8-ohm speakers. But the real magic is how it delivers that load – by preserving the purity of the signal through a sophisticated design made for audiophiles seeking sonic perfection.

Combining Class A and AB
The Azur 851W uses Cambridge Audio’s proprietary Class XD power system. It combines the unimpeachable sound quality of Class A amps with the efficiency of Class AB technology. That means you get fantastic sound with minimal crossover or switching distortion from an efficient amp that doesn’t run too hot. The 851W’s power is generated by not one, but two toroidal transformers. One is purely dedicated to the power amp stage, while the other handles the input stage as well as the rest of the amp’s circuitry. That gives this amp the dexterity to handle dramatic changes in dynamics as well as high output levels for when you want to rock the rafters.

Sonic synergy with your preamp
Cambridge Audio’s innovative Terrapin amp modules forms an impedance buffer between the incoming source signal and the amplifier stage of the 851W. This ensures accurate signal transfer from preamplifier to power amp, offering optimum performance and very low distortion with a wide variety of preamps. Of course, Cambridge Audio’s Azur 851E preamplifier is the ideal mate for the 851W if you’re looking for matching components with integrated control features.

Stereo, bi-amp, and bridged mono modes
You’ll find balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs on this power amp’s rear panel as well as speaker terminals for single- or bi-wired connections. There’s also a switch that lets you configure multiple 851Ws for bi-amping your speakers or bridging them for use as monoblock amps pushing a whopping 500 watts per channel into 8-ohm loads. A new auto-detect feature allows this amp to turn on and off automatically by recognizing input signals. Cambridge Audio’s protection circuitry guards your investment against overheating, short circuits, and clipping.

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