Focal CC700 Centre Speaker Black


The Chorus CC 700 V is a centre loudspeaker that has been phase-optimized to offer an optimal directionality. Its qualities of dynamics, linearity and timbre are equally in phase with the ensemble of the Chorus 700 V line to maintain an excellent sonic coherence.

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The Focal Chorus CC 700 centre channel speaker ensures that you’ll clearly hear movie dialogue with sparkling detail and convincing realism. What’s Focal’s secret? The CC 700 borrows driver technologies developed by Focal for their sophisticated world-class speakers, giving you high-end performance in a more modestly priced, compact package. Its design blends in perfectly with Focal’s entire line of Chorus speakers for creating a seamlessly matched home cinema system. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a more lifelike and involving home theatre experience.

Advanced design for natural, high-definition sound
Chorus 700 series speakers boast Focal’s latest 1′ aluminium/magnesium inverted dome tweeter. Inverting the dome optimizes the connection between the voice coil and the dome, maximizing efficiency and precision. Plus, the tweeter’s new lightweight polyurethane micro-cellular foam suspension allows the dome to move more freely for lower distortion, greater accuracy, and smoother sound.

The speaker’s tight, responsive bass and dynamic midrange come courtesy of two Focal 6-1/2′ Polyglass woofers. These drivers are created by depositing a layer of hollow silica glass microbeads over a layer of cellulose pulp. This unique material combines the warm sound of cellulose fibre with the incredible strength of glass, for a stiff-yet-lightweight cone that responds rapidly with extremely low resonance. A butyl rubber surround helps stabilize cone movement and provides excellent long-term reliability. Tying the drivers together is Focal’s OPC (Optimum Phase Crossover) crossover network for precise, natural, and stable imaging and soundstaging.

Stylish, vibration resistant cabinets
All Chorus speakers feature thick MDF cabinets with heavy internal bracing and non-parallel inner wall structure to resist performance-robbing vibrations. The cabinets have a traditional look that’s softened by slightly curved front panels. An attractive woodgrain vinyl or textured leatherette/high-gloss black finish allows the Chorus speakers to easily integrate into just about any d_cor.

Built in-house for better quality and value
The speaker drivers in every Chorus speaker are built in-house at Focal’s facilities in Saint-Etienne, France. Why is that important? Because it gives Focal complete control over every aspect of design, manufacture, and quality control – resulting a consistently superior, high-value product.

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Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 22.9 x 49.3 x 18.5 cm

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