Focal SUB1000F Active Subwoofer


A compact subwoofer, the ideal complement to your Home Cinema system. Powerful and reliable for faithful reproduction of your film soundtracks.

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Focal SUB1000F Features

Complete your home cinema system with powerful, controlled bass 

The subwoofer is vital in home cinema systems, for truly realistic multichannel reproduction. The sound effects of soundtracks cannot be rendered by central and surround speakers alone. The bass is a separate channel and not merely an add-on. It contains its own effects data based on energy and dynamics. This data cannot be properly reproduced by conventional speakers, no matter what their size or capacity to reproduce the bass. The Sub 1000 F subwoofer is the perfect unit to reproduce these sounds thanks to its over-specified 1000 watt amplification power.

What is more, recent blockbusters feature soundtracks that are increasingly rich in the bass and even sub-bass, with signals going lower and lower in the sound spectrum. For this reason, this register becomes more and more challenging to reproduce perfectly with bass reflex subwoofers. That is why the Sub 1000 F has a sealed enclosure to meet these new demands.

Ultra powerful amplifier

Its powerful 1000 watt BASH® amplifier ensures the Sub 1000 F speaker can express its full potential.

Besides its power, the amplifier has a range of functionalities and settings to help you adjust the bass to suit your room or home cinema space: Sound volume adjustment, active variable low-pass filter for adjustment of high cut-off frequency from 40 to 160 Hz, phase inverter for phase adjustment, and automatic stand-by mode.

In terms of connectivity, the Sub 1000 F has an LFE input for multi-channel audio/video amplifiers and a “low level” stereo RCA input for 2 channel amplifiers.

FLAX membrane for remarkable definition of bass frequencies

The speaker cone in this subwoofer uses Flax Technology. Flax is an environmentally-friendly textile with astonishing structural properties that make it particularly suitable for sound production: It is light, stiff and well damped. In general terms, flax membranes provide greater neutrality of timbre and better sound definition.

Evolved from the Flax cones developed for the Aria 900 speaker range, the cone membrane in the Sub 1000 F features a new even more rigid construction. Two sheets of 160 g/m2 fibre glass and a 250 g/m2 flax core. It is able to withstand the high demands associated with subwoofers.

A speaker that is optimized for dynamic, controlled bass

The Sub 1000 F subwoofer also features a coil/driver unit that is optimised to keep the coil temperature as low as possible. This means the speaker gives well-articulated bass, better dynamics and considerable SPL power (103.5 dB / 1 m @ 40Hz).

Focal’s Research & Development team developed a custom spider/suspension for the Sub 1000 F. Its dynamic behaviour is perfectly controlled, meaning that the bass is always controlled too, even with very long travel (up to 43 mm).

Additional Information

Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 38 x 32.5 x 42 cm

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