Launchport AP4 Sleeve for iPad Gen 4


The LaunchPort AP.4 Sleeve is a sleek, protective charging case that feel great in your hands.  Connect the AP.4 to any LaunchPort Station, either on-wall or on a table-top.  Transform how you can use iPad series of products with the LaunchPort AP.4 Sleeve.

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Always Charged

The LaunchPort System provides the most convenient way to charge an iPad without wires and without fuss. Place your iPad onto a Station in any orientation and charging just works, every time.


Home Base

LaunchPort creates a home base for your iPad so you always know where it is. Because your iPad is always at its home base, it’s always charged and ready for use.


LaunchPort’s elegant form fitting Sleeve also protects iPad.  It’s ready for anything, whether in the house or in a commercial space like hotels, restaurants or offices.


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