Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker


The Woburn speaker is designed with loud in mind and you’ll quickly hear by its performance that it holds true to the Marshall name. Featuring 1″ dome tweeters and a class D amplifier, the Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker delivers clear and rich audio, letting you listen to your favourite music and other audio in great detail.

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Marshall Woburn Key Features

  • Complete with an optical input*, the Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker allows you to connect your compatible hard disk player, TV, streaming play, cable or satellite receiver, and more using an optical cable.
  • Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, the Marshall Woburn speaker can easily connect with your Bluetooth-enabled device to wirelessly stream your favourite music and other audio content.
  • For connecting an additional compatible external media device or instrument, the Woburn Bluetooth speaker has an extendable, coiled, double-ended stereo cable and a 3.5mm input.
  • The Woburn speaker has an RCA input, which allows you to connect a compatible analogue external media device such as a turntable with RIAA or a CD player.
  • This Bluetooth speaker’s analogue interaction knobs let you conveniently adjust your music’s volume, treble, and bass to suit your needs.
*Optical works with PCM stereo only.

Classic Marshall Design

With its gold script logo, gold piping, vinyl casing and vintage-inspired fret grille cloth, the Woburn is an instant classic that harkens back to over 50 years of Marshall design and heritage.


Woburn’s top brass plate features controls for bass, treble and volume. The custom control analogue interaction knobs allow you to fine-tune to the exact sound you desire.