Rotel RDD-06 DAC

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There’s no doubt this little DAC will breathe new life into many budget to mid-range CD players, but for playing the range of bit/sample rates in downloadable digital file format, particularly the higher resolution material, it really shines. The RDD-06 delivers a full-bodied and lively soundscape with a well balanced frequency range and precise imaging

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Designed by Rotel for better Digital Audio Reproduction, the RDD-06 is a perfect accompaniment to a media streamer or PC, enabling you to connect multiple digital sources and enjoy high-quality digital files through your stereo system.

Incorporating an acclaimed Wolfson 24 bit DAC, with a choice of six different digital connections selectable via the IR remote control, it will significantly improve your CD Player, Portable media player or PC and indeed any audio product fitted with a digital output.

Capable of stunning accuracy and thrilling musical performance, play the latest 24/192 music tracks directly from a PC and enjoy your existing 16 bit CD and FLAC recordings. Plug in the Rotel DAC to any stereo system and enjoy music as it was meant to be heard.


  • Wolfson 24 bit DAC
  • Input selection from Remote control
  • iPhone/iPod USB
  • 2 sets of Coax and 2 sets of OPTICAL SPDIF digital inputs
  • PC connection via USB Input for Ultimate 24/192 audio playback
  • Bluetooth audio streaming option (Bluetooth dongle included)
  • Multi power source for use anywhere in the world

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