Sanus VTVS1-B2 Universal TV Stand


Featuring both height and swivel adjustment, the Sanus VTVS1-B2 Universal TV Stand delivers the optimum viewing experience anywhere in the room, along with enhanced safety and security – and the opportunity for retailers and installers to create additional attachment sales for the 80% of consumer who do not wall mount their TVs.

The Sanus VTVS1-B2 is the perfect replacement for the manufacturer supplied TV base, which is commonly unable to provide any swivel or height adjustment, and may be less stable than desired (particularly if the TV is larger than the furniture it is to sit upon).

Its universal fixing makes it suitable for use with virtually any TV from 32” to 60”, and weighing up to 27kg.


Fixing the mount to the TV and onto the stand is a very quick and easy operation, with just three simple steps required. Once attached, the TV can be adjusted for height and swivel through 74º. The height adjustment of 115mm permits the TV to be positioned at the correct height relative to the eye and for additional equipment, like soundbars, to be accommodated in front of the screen without interfering with the picture. The swivel adjustment is ideal for use with curved screens as well – providing the optimum viewing angle – or with flat panel TVs that may be positioned off centre in the room for example.

Product Features

  • 32-60″ Universal TV Stand
  • 27kg Max Weight
  • Swivel Adjustment
  • Integrated Cable Routing

In The Box

  • VTVS1-B2 Universal 32″-60″ TV Stand (Black)
  • Instruction Manual

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