Vicoustic ‘Efficient’ Home Theatre Kit


Price does not include installation – contact your nearest store.

In order to achieve proper acoustic conditions within your Home Cinema Room, i.e. achieve a neutral acoustic environment within audience area, and in this way ensure that you hear what the film director intended with minimum influence from room’s acoustics proper room acoustics should be used.

These kits are designed around a room approximately 50m2 but can be taloured to suit any room. Speak to your local West Coast HiFi for advice and design assistance.

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In today’s Home Cinema World, a great portion of the investment made is focused on new powerful sound reproduction and signal processing tools, some of them already including acoustic correction features.

Nevertheless, even considering the most efficient audio system,
if room’s acoustics is not properly addressed, it is likely that the listener will not be able to totally enjoy and take advantage of the film audio experience.

This Efficient Solution besides addressing all acoustic issues mentioned for the Economic Solution, i.e. treating First Reflections and Back Wall, it is also addressing Low Frequency issues and improving sound definition in the backside of the Home Cinema.


  • First Reflections: Treating First Reflections will improve sound definition in the listening area, control comb-filter effects and at the same time control the Reverberation Time within the room
  • Low Frequencies: Low Frequency Response of the room is being improved by including two Super Bass Extreme in each room’s corner. Consequently RT in the low frequency region is approaching recommended values.
  • Home Cinema Backside: Sound defnition in the Home Cinema backside is being improved by implementing extra acoustic treatment in the backside walls (8 Cinema Round panels in each backside wall).
  • Back Wall: The Back Wall is being acoustically treated with Diffusion. This will control Specular Reflections from it and improve Spaciousness within the room.

Materials Needed

* 56x Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium (Black, Grey, Orange, Blue, Brown, White, Beige, Bordeaux)

* 6x Vicoustic Multifuser DC2 (Black, White, Grey)

* 8 Super Bass Trap Extreme (Light Brown, Cherry, Nordic Birch, Wenge, White)



Further Details

Basic Steps to achieve proper conditions within your Home Cinema Room will include Optimizing its Reverberation Time (RT), Controlling Early Reflections and Controlling Sound Field Anomalies.

For more information see the Vicoustic Home Cinema Whitepaper

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