Vincent Audio SV-232 Integrated Amplifier

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Solid State of the art sound. 180 Watts into 4 ohms.

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The amplifier SV-232 has multi-functional use through a recording output, a pre-amplifier output, remote control ability and the high-contrast VFD display. But apart from the external appearance this unit also scores with its internal values. To deliver the proverbial Vincent performance the SV-232 possesses a substantially sized heat sink.

Despite the immense pricing pressure own technologies from the great archetypes such as the pre-amplifier SA-93Plus have been employed. Thus the well-known Vincent preamp modules are working in the pre-amplifier section. This lends more clarity to the sound characteristics and the sound gets more precise, without losing musicality. The electronic volume control results in clearly improved synchronisation and decreased ageing vulnerability compared with a potentiometer. Sound-defining parts were paid increased attention in the SV-232, a factor you can hear, and which makes this Vincent again a real price/performance wonder.

 Integrated Stereo Amplifier. Output rating 2x100w/8ohm 2x180w/4ohm RMS. Inputs: 6xRCA. Outputs:(A+B) speaker terminals 1xRCA Rec, 1xRCA Pre-Out, 12v Triggers
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