Yamaha 500 Series Centre Speaker

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Designed for beautifully natural sound in the tradition of Yamaha's premier speaker range, the NS-C500 produces transparent and deep sound qualities with tight bass and a sense of rich detail and warmth.

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Spacious, dynamic sound from the DC-Diaphragm tweeter
Using precise manufacturing technology, the voice coil for the tweeter is wrapped directly over the aluminium-magnesium alloy diaphragm. This design provides a smooth reproduction of a dynamic audio spectrum.

A-PMD cone and solid rubber surround for deeply satisfying sound
The woofer utilises Yamaha’s unique A-PMD cone together with a solid rubber surround, and large-diameter magnet structure. This assures rich, satisfying reproduction of mid-range and bass.

Non-magnetic shielded for clear initial sound
The entire unit is non-shielded, achieving impressively clear audio without distortion from magnetic shielding circuits.

Quality cabinet construction to assure reliable sound
Thanks to Yamaha’s traditional expertise in cabinetry, starting with its three-way mitered joint construction, the audio quality from these speakers is natural and consistent.

The higher you turn the volume, the more impressed you’ll be with the rich, clear sound from these compact speakers.

Additional Information

Weight 4.7 kg
Dimensions 15.9 x 44.5 x 15.8 cm

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