Yamaha 500 Series Floorstanding Speaker

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Designed for beautifully natural sound in the tradition of Yamaha’s premier speaker range, the NS-F500 produces transparent and deep sound qualities with tight bass and a sense of rich detail and warmth.

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The 500 Series continues the design tradition of Yamaha’s renowned Soavo HiFi speakers: transparency and depth of sound, deep and tight bass, and a sense of rich detail and warmth.

A world of sound that deeply satisfies and is sure to fire your imagination.

The mid-range and woofer units employ Yamaha’s own A-PMD (Advanced PolymerInjected Mica Diaphragm) cones, a technology that combines the light weight of paper cones with the strength of resin cones. The surrounds are made of selected solid rubber.

Together with the large diameter magnet structure, this assures tight, deep, detailed sound for a superb listening experience.

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Weight 19.1 kg
Dimensions 34.9 x 22.4 x 98.1 cm

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