Yamaha AS501 Integrated Amplifer


The Yamaha AS501 is a dedicated 2 channel amplifier ideal for those wanting to listen to quality 2-channel audio from sources such as CD. All of Yamaha's stereo amplifiers are designed for superb musical expression and sound quality.

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Do you always have to spend a fortune to get high-fidelity sound? Listen to this solidly built integrated amplifier, and you’ll agree that the answer is a definite no.

To keep the sound clean, Yamaha keeps the signal path short and well organized inside a sturdy, vibration-resistant housing. A high-current design and high-grade internal components mean you’ll have plenty of sonic muscle for dynamic musical peaks. Pure Direct mode lets you bypass the tone, balance, and loudness controls for the purest possible sound.

Because our ears’ sensitivity to high and low frequencies is diminished at low volume levels, Yamaha includes a continuously variable loudness control that lets you experience rich, full sound at any volume setting.

The AS501 offers enough inputs to connect six audio components, including a turntable. Two sets of main speaker outputs let you connect an additional pair of speakers. And the included remote gives you easy control of the amplifier and the other Yamaha audio components in your system.

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Weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 38.7 x 43.5 x 15.1 cm