Yamaha AS701 Integrated Amplifer


A dedicated amplifier is ideal for those wanting to listen to quality 2-channel audio from sources such as CD. All of Yamaha’s stereo amplifiers are designed for superb musical expression and sound quality.

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From the delicate notes of an acoustic guitar, to the rich tones of an upright bass – Yamaha designed the A-S701 to capture the expressiveness and beauty of your music collection. It delivers 90 watts of dynamic, full-bandwidth-rated power to each of your stereo speakers to provide clear, undistorted sound – even during your music’s most demanding peaks. Wide-range frequency response lets you experience all the details on your LPs, CDs, and even high-resolution SACDs and DVD-Audio discs in stereo mode.

Built for high-performance audio
This integrated amplifier boasts a thoughtful, rock-solid design. Yamaha organized the left and right channels into a straight, symmetrical layout, keeping the signal path short and the sound clean. High-end internal components – such as extruded aluminium heat sinks and custom-made capacitors – allow the A-S701 to handle demanding passages effortlessly. An anti-resonant base, rigid centre bar, and sleek aluminium front panel provide a sturdy, vibration-resistant housing. And for the purest possible sound, Yamaha gives you direct modes that let you bypass the tone, balance, and loudness controls.

Connections and convenience
The A-S701 offers enough inputs to connect six audio components, including a turntable. Two sets of main speaker outputs let you connect an additional pair of speakers. And the included remote gives you easy control of the amplifier and the other Yamaha audio components in your system.

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