Yamaha CDS1000 CD Player

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Ultra high precision, Super Audio CD player combining high sound quality and easy operation with exclusive technology such as Pure Direct and Intelligent Digital Servo.

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Yamaha knows high-quality sound – they’re the world’s leading producer of musical instruments. Now they’ve applied their years of experience and know-how to develop the CD-S1000 – a Super Audio CD player designed from the ground up for top-notch audio reproduction.

Heavy-duty build quality for crystal-clear sound
You’ll immediately appreciate the CD-S1000’s solid feel and refined looks, created by its vibration-fighting metal and wood chassis. The die-cast aluminium disc tray also combats resonance, and employs Yamaha’s Silent

Loader mechanism for super-smooth and quiet operation.
The CD-S1000’s power supply has four separate sections – one apiece for the digital circuitry, analogue circuitry, motor drive, and display. This arrangement minimizes cross-interference that can degrade sound quality. The left and right channels each have their own power circuits and digital-to-analogue converters, enabling this player to produce detailed, neutral sound with superior stereo separation.

Plays your Super Audio CDs and more
Pop a Super Audio CD into the CD-S1000 to experience the robust, densely layered sound this high-resolution format delivers. This player can also help you rediscover classics from your CD collection by revealing subtle nuances you may not have heard before. It even plays home-burned discs, plus your MP3 and WMA compilations. No matter what you’re listening to, you’ll enjoy ear-pleasing sound that’s warm, lifelike, and above all, musical. And with a push of a button on the front panel, you can engage Pure Direct mode, which turns off the display and digital outputs. Eliminating these two potential noise sources lets you experience the clearest possible audio reproduction.

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