Yamaha Musiccast Hi-Fi Package


Classic Hi-Fi meets wireless audio streaming. The Yamaha RN602 offers support for Spotify Connect, Pandora and Bluetooth audio streaming while still providing all the connectivity needed on any Hi-Fi system including a phono input for a turntable.

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Yamaha Musiccast RN602 Stereo Receiver

The high-performance Yamaha RN602 network Hi Fi receiver powerfully reproduces a wide range of sound sources, including network audio, with unsurpassed sound quality. It features an app control for easy operation, and has built-in digital input jacks for TV use and more.

Rega Planar 3 Turntable

The Planar 3 features new RB330 tonearm featuring new bias assembly, lower friction horizontal and vertical bearings & new low capacitance phono cable. Improved double braces; re-designed bearing housing, sub platter.

Finished in Gloss Black or Gloss White

Yamaha N-B750 Bookshelf Speakers

NS-700 speakers deliver sound that is so dynamic and vivid, it seems live. One of the main reasons for this is the nonparallel design of the cabinets. In designing them, the Yamaha speaker team aimed to maximise sound clarity and imaging, while minimising internal standing waves. They succeeded with a rounded top panel that helps to reduce vertical standing waves, and a trapezoidal shape that serves to reduce the horizontal ones. The result is a very natural, expansive sound, making the NS-700 speakers excellent for both multi-channel music of any genre and home theatre use.

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