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  • MON - FRI9:00AM - 5:30PM
  • THURSDAY9:00AM - 7:00PM
  • SATURDAY9:00AM - 5:00PM
  • SUNDAY11:00AM - 4:00PM
(Midland Home) Unit 16, 4 Clayton, Midland, 6056

Across the road from the New Hospital

(08) 9374 0388
(08) 9374 0399

Proprietor: Scott Stay


Customer Testimonials

Hi Scott, Kieran and team.
I’ve been living with my Trinnov ST2 and Auralic Altair G2.1 for a few weeks now. Everything has settled in nicely. Just had to let you guys know what a remarkable difference the new kit has made to my system, especially the Trinnov.
I don’t say this lightly but, the improvement to my system is astounding, quite unbelievable. I’ve demo’d the difference to all my friends and the reaction is always the same, astonishment!
When I first set it up, my 12 year daughter (also a music lover) turned to me and said,“No way! That’s mental!”
I’ve never heard my speakers sound so focused and full. When I switch off the optimisation the difference is totally obvious. It all just falls apart, back to the way they use to be in my challenging (acoustically speaking) room. The difference is much more evident at home than what it was in your demo room.

You were so right in introducing me to the Trinnov Optimizer. I had never heard of them, nor had I considered using dsp room/speaker correction.
I need to commend you in actually listening to my needs and steering  me towards the Trinnov. I could have spent more on the front end gear and not purchased the Trinnov but would not have had a better outcome due to my room.
You thoughtfully came up with something that suited my needs in much more sonically pleasing way. There is no way I could live without it.

I wanted to thank you and Kieran again for being patient and spending time with me during my multiple visits to your drool worthy store. I never felt pressured or rushed.
You have so much incredible equipment. Hifi is definitely still alive!

My family and I are so pleased, the system is never powered off. We’ve had numerous evenings going down music rabbit holes on Tidal streaming through the Auralic. We’ve even had quite a few late one’s blaring 70’s disco and 90’s house music (my wife’s favourite) on the weekends.

Thanks again, I’ll definitely be back and will certainly recommend Westcoast Hifi Midland to anyone looking for great audio gear with honest and professional customer service.



Fell in love with the Big Krix real cinema at home room and just had to have it. Really love the fact these guys don’t just offer basic home theatre, they did a 3D drawing of my room and worked with Scott Krix himself to ensure my room was certified Dolby Atmos “Brilliant” – The installers showed so much care for my room and made sure everything was set up to its optimum before showing me how to drive it on my iPad… Words cannot describe how happy i am with this cinema. Thanks guys, i am already sending friends and family to see you.
Darren, Parkerville

I would like to thank you for all your help and fantastic customer service. Every step of the way was an enjoyable process, from having your self come out to my home and advising what you believe was going to be the best option. To having you explain in more detail in store about each product and the benefits of having certain products!
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Adam who did the install. He has done a fantastic job and was nothing but helpful with my questions. He is friendly, hardworking and will go out of his way to help the customer!
Working with high end products myself i understand how important it is to have employees that take pride in their work and how important it is to make a lasting impression on the customer and both Adam and yourself have done exactly that.
I will definitely be using you again for further work I will be having done at my home. I also will be advising anyone I know that is in the need for any video/audio work to contact your shop.

Thank you, Benjamin King

The service he provided during the time my wife and myself were in his store was only surpassed by his enthusiasm for the products he stocks and his overall focus on making sure that we as customers were comfortable in his store.

Would highly recommend the team at West Coast Hifi Midland, my hubby and I have just recently had a theatre system installed and its amazing! We are really happy with the set up and installation of the system and will be enjoying the experience for years to come! Thanks to the team at Midland for their professionalism and Industry experience would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of purchasing a theatre system for their home!
Stephanie Podziuka