The best way to describe the Focal sound is to tell it through the experience of touring their home base in St Ettiene, France. Upon arrival at the famous birthplace of Focal JM Lab, you quickly get the sence of a family pride. This is extended from the speaker driver assembly all the way to the amazing audition room. Each speaker driver is assembled by hand and tested for perfection, before going anywhere near the speaker cabinet. Now that is impressive to see. The efficiency of the drivers and tweeters are what enable Focal’s ability to deliver the FULL SOUNDTRACK to the human ear. The Focal philosophy is simple. Low mass, high rigidity and balanced damping will provide the ultimate platform for a true musical performance. This also extends into the realm of home cinema and gaming, by reproducing all of the extra detail on HD sound sources and engaging your senses like never before. From the Chorus and Electra range all the way up to the flagship Grand Utopias, there is no other speaker brand that delivers the range and true recording. Focal have also released an exciting new headphone, satellite speaker and multi media range that is taking the world by storm. Come in for a demo or simply order online.

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