The best way to describe the Focal sound is to tell it through the experience of touring their home base in St Ettiene, France. Upon arrival at the famous birthplace of Focal JM Lab, you quickly get the sence of a family pride. This is extended from the speaker driver assembly all the way to the amazing audition room. Each speaker driver is assembled by hand and tested for perfection, before going anywhere near the speaker cabinet. Now that is impressive to see. The efficiency of the drivers and tweeters are what enable Focal’s ability to deliver the FULL SOUNDTRACK to the human ear. The Focal philosophy is simple. Low mass, high rigidity and balanced damping will provide the ultimate platform for a true musical performance. This also extends into the realm of home cinema and gaming, by reproducing all of the extra detail on HD sound sources and engaging your senses like never before. From the Chorus and Electra range all the way up to the flagship Grand Utopias, there is no other speaker brand that delivers the range and true recording. Focal have also released an exciting new headphone, satellite speaker and multi media range that is taking the world by storm. Come in for a demo or simply order online.

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  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-bibliotheques-aria-906-3

    Focal Aria 906 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

    FROM $1,500 Read More
  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-colonnes-aria-926-8

    Focal Aria 926 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers

    FROM $3,600 Read More
  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-colonnes-aria-936-3

    Focal Aria 936 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers

    FROM $4,700 Read More
  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-colonnes-aria-948-1

    Focal Aria 948 3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeakers

    FROM $5,300 Read More
  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-centrales-aria-cc-900-3

    Focal Aria CC 900 2-Way Centre Speaker

    FROM $900 Read More
  • home-audio-enceintes-haute-fidelite-aria-900-enceintes-surround-aria-sr-900

    Focal Aria SR 900 2-Way Bipolar Surround Loudspeakers

    $1,850 Read More
  • 1028

    Focal Electra 1028Be Loudspeakers

    $11,999 Read More
  • FOCAL-Electra-1038-BE-800x800

    Focal Electra 1038Be Loudspeakers

    $15,499 Read More
  • gut1

    Focal Grande Utopia EM Floorstanders

    $285,000 Read More
  • 3_0

    Focal Kanta No2 Loudspeakers

    $14,250 Read More
  • fiche-produit_1

    Focal Sib Evo 5.1 Speaker Package

    $1,250 Read More
  • fiche-produit_1

    Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Speaker Package

    $1,500 Read More
  • sopra-center (1)

    Focal Sopra Centre Speaker

    $4,750 Read More
  • sopra-n1

    Focal Sopra No.1 Bookshelf speakers

    $14,250 Read More
  • Sopra n3

    Focal Sopra No.3 Floorstanding Speakers

    $31,000 Read More
  • Maestro

    Focal Utopia Maestro loudspeakers

    $76,000 Read More
  • stella

    Focal Utopia Stella loudspeakers

    $150,000 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH726BST_1

    Focal 726 Floorstanding Speakers Black

    $2,699 Read More
  • SopraN2

    Focal Sopra No.2 Floorstanding Speakers

    $20,500 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH714WAL_1

    Focal 714 Floorstanding Speakers Walnut

    $1,850 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH714BST_1

    Focal 714 Floorstanding Speakers Black

    $1,999 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH716WAL_1

    Focal 716 Floorstanding Speakers Walnut

    $2,050 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH716BST_1

    Focal 716 Floorstanding Speakers Black

    $2,199 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_BW_FLCH726WAL_1

    Focal 726 Floorstanding Speakers Walnut

    $2,450 Read More
  • sw-1000-be

    Focal SW1000Be Subwoofer

    $6,700 Read More
  • Sale! product_3508

    Focal SUB1000F Active Subwoofer

    $2,150 $1,990 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_SUB300P_1

    Focal SUB300P Active Subwoofer

    $1,099 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_OD706V_1

    Focal OD706V Outdoor Speakers

    $899 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_IC706ST_1

    Focal Single Stereo Ceiling Speaker

    $649 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_IW706_1

    Focal (Rectangle) Inwall Speaker

    $899 Read More
  • icw6

    Focal 300ICW6 InWall/InCeiling Loudspeakers

    $1,160 Read More
  • icw6

    Focal 300ICW8 InWall/InCeiling Loudspeakers

    $1,375 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal__ChorusCC700WAL_1

    Focal CC700 Centre Speaker Walnut

    $670 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal__ChorusCC700_1

    Focal CC700 Centre Speaker Black

    $765 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_CH706WAL_1

    Focal CH706 Bookshelf Speakers Walnut

    $1,050 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_CH706_1

    Focal CH706 Bookshelf Speakers Black

    $1,150 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_CH705WAL_1

    Focal CH705 Bookshelf Speakers Walnut

    $850 Read More
  • WestCoastHiFi_Focal_CH705_1

    Focal CH705 Bookshelf Speakers Black

    $925 Read More
  • Sale! WestCoastHiFi_Focal_Spirit One_1

    Focal Spirit One Around Ear Headphones

    $399 $319 Read More
  • utopia-full

    Focal Utopia Headphones

    $5,500 Read More