Vincent Audio PHO-8 Phono Pre-Amp

Vincent Audio PHO-8 [large view]

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Because for more than 10 years Vincent have been successfully manufacturing and selling phono preamplifiers. They serve as a switchboard between turntables and amplifiers that do not have a specific phono input.

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Datas MM:
amplification: 40dB, max. Input power: 58mV, input Resistance: 47KOhm
Datas MC:
Amplification: 60dB, max. Input power: 6,8mV, input Resistance: 100 Ohm
Outputresistance:  <250 Ohm, Frequenzrange: norm of RIAA
THD:  < 0,02%
Signal nois ratio:
MM:  > 84dB
MC:  > 71dB

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