Goldenear SuperSub XXL Subwoofer


GoldenEar’s new SuperSub XXL is an ultra-high-performance compact subwoofer which incorporates many recently developed unique and advanced technologies and components for accurate and precise low frequency performance.

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GoldenEar’s new award winning SuperSub XXL is an elegantly styled, finely finished and surprisingly compact subwoofer. It can effortlessly generate mega-sub-bass pressure waves of extremely high amplitude while delivering extraordinarily detailed, accurate and precise low-frequency performance that is both highly impactful and extremely musical. Simply put, it is equally adept at recreating dramatic cinematic sound effect, as well as the subtle musical excellence of Ron Carter, Sting or Yo Yo Ma. To achieve this we engineered a unique ultra-high-performance compact subwoofer which incorporates many recently developed unique and advanced technologies and components, including our patent-pending, 360 degree dual-plane inertially-balanced driver and sub-bass radiator topology, combined with a very advanced 1600 watt Class D digital electronics package.

The attractive enclosure of the XXL is constructed of very thick, high density medite, which is beautifully finished in high-gloss piano black lacquer. It is intricately and effectively braced in order to eliminate the possibility of resonances or the flexing of cabinet panels due to the tremendous internal pressure. There is a unique (patent pending) combination of two fully inertially-balanced 12” long-throw active drivers in the horizontal plane and two fully inertially-balanced 12 ¾˝ x 14 ½˝ planar infrasonic radiators in the vertical plane.  This force-cancelling inertial balancing preserves and focuses all the energy produced by the transducers in order to effectively move the air in the room as well as enabling full recovery of the finest details, rather than allowing loss and blurring due to wasted cabinet movement. In a way it is as if the enclosure were a totally inert 500 lb. cabinet, but in some ways even better. Also, because there are two active drivers which are separated horizontally in space, as well as two passive radiators which are separated vertically, the driver-to-room coupling is distributed much more smoothly as the different driver locations couple to different room standing wave patterns, and work better with the room eigenmodes.

The electronics package that drives the fully balanced driver and radiator arrays is unique and effective. The 1600 watt Class D Digital Amplifier, originally developed for the Triton One, is controlled by a 56 bit DSP device with a 192 kHz sample rate. This Programmable Logic State Machine has nearly instantaneous 278 ns update time to perfectly manage a myriad of functions including frequency response, soft clipping, DC offset control, output-stage saturation control, discrete multi-band limiting and phase-perfect equalization. The amplifier also utilizes many small, separate power supplies for each circuit section in order to provide isolation to eliminate coupling through the power supplies. A fully balanced topology is used to minimize noise and distortion. Finally, advanced reconstruction filters are utilized in order to maximize damping factor. Sonically, the result is rock-solid bass response that is both exceptionally fast and tuneful for music, and extraordinarily deep and powerful in order to effortlessly reproduce the most extreme movie sound effects.

RCA inputs are provided for both LFE connection as well as low-level connection from a stereo source. There is a precision level control as well as a phase perfect low-pass crossover control to enable seamless integration into any system.

SuperSub XXL

Dimensions 19-3/4˝ W x 17-5/8˝ H x 15-7/8˝ D
Weight 35.4 kg
Frequency Response 10 Hz – 250 Hz
Driver Complement Two 12˝ long-throw high-output
bass driversTwo 13˝ x 15˝ quadratic planar
infrasonic radiators
Amplifier 1600 Watt ForceField digital amplifier
LFE Line-Level Input Unfiltered (no low pass), direct-coupled
Right/Left Line-Level Input Variable High-Pass from 40 Hz – 150 Hz
Fuse Size 6.3-amp 250-volt slow blow fuse
(240-volt version)
Power Requirements/

(approved for NA (TUV)
and the CE market.)
High Voltage Version – 240 V at 50 or
60 Hz / 1600 Watts

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