Kordz began in Australia in 2003, identifying and addressing a gap in the market for sensible, purpose engineered connectivity solutions for the custom AV installation professional. Just two years later HDMI® began to surge in the market, and Kordz became an early official licensed Adopter of the technology, quickly building a strong reputation, most particularly, as a long length connectivity specialist.
HDMI has been sensational and transformative in the AV industry, helping to elevate us all into the High Definition era, but at the same time is quite infamous for providing untold challenges to the installer/integrator.
Kordz continues to build on their solid reputation by bringing not only solutions, but knowledge and education to custom installers and AV enthusiasts internationally. Their philosophy is simple – in order to know how to deliver solutions that work, one must first acutely understand how and why it should work in the first place. Kordz identify where it can go wrong, and engineer such deficiencies out of their products. Kordz are about efficiency and results, without wasted installation hours, frustrating failures and kicked toolboxes.
Find out more at https://www.kordz.com/

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