Bowers and Wilkins

bowers-wilkins-abby-roadAn absolute British Icon, Bowers and Wilkins has become world renowned for it’s amazing speaker and sound technologies and at West Coast Hifi we are proud to recommend and supply their fantastic range.

From Abbey Road Studios in London to George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound, you will find Bowers and Wilkins speakers used wherever true sound quality matters. That same sweet sound is ever present throughout the whole speaker range. From the M1 satellite speakers to the stunning CM range, Bowers and Wilkins have a solution for any room or outdoor situation.

We have found during our installations that B&W, has an amazing ability to sound great in any room. The Nautilus tweeter technology helps dissipate high frequencies, so even in a room that has high ceilings and hard floors, you will get the perfect sound experience.

Come in for a demo or call us and one of our passionate consultants will be more than happy to help show you the B&W range and assist you in choosing your ideal solution.

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