Rega Research Ltd. is a high-end audio equipment manufacturer based in the UK. Rega was founded in 1973. The company’s name was formed of the initials of its two founders (RElph & GAndy). Based in Southend, England, this loud and proud company of true music lovers have strived to make sure their customers can experience the very best sounding music reproduction for their dollar.

At West Coast HiFi we can seriously vouch for that, as we recommend the Rega turntables to many of our customers. In this big vinyl revival age, we find ourselves selling at least one Rega turntable a day at our stores and it always puts a big smile on our face to know that someone is going to get the “Full Analogue” sound experience in their home. For a great demo of Rega turntables, rock n roll up to West Coast HiFi and as we always say “Feel free to bring in your old vinyl”

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