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Cables. The unsung heroes of sound.

Did you know the cable that connects your speakers to your sound system plays a major role in the quality of the sound? It doesn’t matter what system you have – a basic stereo, a home cinema or a full-blown hifi system – your choice of speaker cable is going to affect the way it sounds.

Sure, you can go out and get the thinnest, cheapest cable there is, and it will work. But a better quality cable will improve everything you listen to.

All cables, from your basic to the top of the range, carry an electrical current between the amplifier and speakers, and that’s where any similarity ends. Cables carry an extremely complex audio signal and, in our experience, the better the design and quality of your cable, the better the dynamics, detail, timbre (tone) and, most importantly, the musical coherence or timing will be.

What is musical timing you ask? Timing is fundamental to the proper enjoyment and understanding of almost all types of music. Without it music is just beautiful noise. With it, it’s an involving, immersive, emotional and thrilling experience. And that’s what a good quality speaker cable can bring to the music you love.

Take a look at the cable connecting your speakers to your amplifier. If it’s basic copper and PVC you’re almost certainly one of the 70% of hifi and home cinema owners who aren’t getting the full potential out of their system.

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