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Projector myths: Well and truly busted

Myth #1: You need a completely dark room. Not true. Fact is, today’s projectors are super bright in comparison to those of the early 2000s. And when you’re watching brighter content, such as sport, most well-lit rooms will do just fine. The most important thing to ensure is that you have no direct sunlight on […]

Posted: 05/12/2018

GAME ON! Sony World Cup Projector Promotion

GAME ON. The Sony Soccer World Cup promotion has begun. The best projectors in the world for sports and gaming are the Sony 1080p and True 4K range. With key technologies like Motionflow  you’ll see every detail, even in fast-moving action scenes or sports. Motionflow shows twice as many pictures per second by creating extra […]

Posted: 19/05/2018

Enjoy a Bonus Playstation4 with Sony Projectors

Bonus Sony Playstation 4 Between November 1st and January 31st 2017 purchase a selected Sony Home Theatre Projector take advantage of some awesome bonus offers. Purchase a Sony VPLVW320ES or VPLVW550ES Ultra HD Home theatre Projector and enjoy a BONUS Playstation 4 PRO (valued at $599.95) Purchase a Sony VPLHW65ES Full HD Home Theatre Projector […]

Posted: 24/11/2016