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CEDIA AWARDS 2020 Finalist - Forever Home with a View

The Story

It all started back in 2018 when the clients sat down with Andrew, one of our talented Custom A/V specialists. They were starting to build their forever home and were looking at getting a home theatre.

We walked them through the possibilities to create a truly ‘smart’ home incorporating whole of home lighting control, a multi room audio system capable of playing back hi-res audio from a variety of sources, a solid home network incorporating the latest wifi technologies and a home automation system that could integrate everything from their Air Conditioning, to blinds, and including their security system.

The Smart and Connected Home

As the client came to us after pre-start had been completed and build had already progressed, this meant any structural changes were not possible, and we needed to make some intelligent decisions regarding product selection and system design to ensure we still met the clients goals for their home.

Due to the location being over 4 hours from our Joondalup store and applicable builders and tradesmen already contracted, we had to provide detailed documentation to ensure all the necessary infrastructure was added. We made frequent trips up to site during the build stage to ensure there was no miscommunication on required works that would impact the project during the final fit off.


More than just a light switch

The basis of a good smart home is advanced lighting control. Having the lights change brightness depending on the time of the day, automatically turn on and off based off activity, setting custom scenes with dimming, and being able to turn off the whole house with a single button – these are basics that all homes should have.

Using Control4’s dual load switches with custom engraved keys we were able to give the customer ultimate control over not just the lighting, but their shades, multi room music and all other aspects of their home. This prevented wall acne, leading to a vastly more pleasing interior.

Everything works better when it works together

West Coast Hifi worked with the home owner to design the home’s Control4 system’s operation.

Goodnight scene turns off all unnecessary devices, turns off AV, lowers blinds and then waits 3 minutes so the customer to get in bed, place their phone on charge, and get comfortable before the lights ramped off.

We programmed a wake scene which operates 30 minutes before the customer’s set alarm. This slowly opens the blinds/ramps up the lights (customers choice) for a more gentle and natural wake up. If they don’t wake up in time, the normal alarm sounds.

If someone is leaving and they are the last person in the house, they press the goodbye button, triggering the house shutdown.
Curtains will close, lights will turn off, air conditioner will turn off and any AV will shut down. Upon return to the house, the shades will return to previous state (if day time) or stay closed and lights will operate instead (if nighttime).

Where to begin – this theatre system has it all!

From a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos sound system, to a true 4K image, finished off with a starlight ceiling and motorized recliners with refrigerated cupholders – this theatre system is the envy of all of Geraldton.

The screen is a 150″ Cinemascope Screen made from an acousticly woven fabric. This allows the speakers to be positioned behind the screen, allowing the screen to dominate the room without concern of floor speakers getting in the way and without impacting the sound negatively.

To prevent sound the sound reverberating between the screen and the speakers, we installed some acoustic panels that will sit around the speakers. These will trap and remove any sound bouncing between the wall and screen, preventing it from muddying the sound.

Communicate, Connnect and Control

The clients are both professionals who work long hours. They both appreciate being able to monitor their home from their smart phone – with a tap a custom button within the app, such as “Delivery”, they can disarm the alarm, turn on the light, and unlock the door. Once that important package is placed safely inside, another tap secures the house once again.

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