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Component Cooling Solutions from AC Infinity

We’ve recently added the AC Infinity range of Cooling and Airflow Management products to our offerings

AC Infinity is a leading American technology company focused on innovation in air movement and thermal management. The company was founded by acoustic engineers who strongly believe in working closely with customers to develop great products. Dependable service and a commitment to product quality are the foundations of the business’s values.

Of special interest to us are their AIRCOM series of component Coolers which can be used to help keep high end amplifiers and other A/V equipment cool in your rack/cabinet.

The AIRCOM series is an intelligent fan system designed to quietly cool receivers and other audio video components. Simply place the system on top of the component to start cooling. T-series models include a LCD controller with advance speed and thermal functions. Each unit comes with an adapter to power it through an outlet.


The AIRPLATE series is designed to be mounted onto cabinets to quietly cool AV and home theater components. S-series models include a speed controller while T-series models feature a LCD thermal controller that can control up to six fans. Kits includes all hardware needed to mount the unit and power it through an outlets.


Check out the AC Infinity Range here….