Integrated solutions. More than just a buzz word.

You’ve had your brand spanking new home theatre system installed and you’ve invited friends around for the ‘grand opening’. And there, laid out before you is a sea of remote controls. One for this, one for that. Another for…okay, so you’ve forgotten what that remote is for. Multiple remotes are a minefield of confusion and the reason why more and more people are ditching them and opting for an easy to use integrated solution, and not just for controlling their home theatre system.


 Welcome to the world of ‘Push’

Push is one of the most intuitive, affordable and scalable control systems available today. It lets you connect seamlessly with present and future technology throughout your home using your smart phone or tablet. Everything from the air-conditioning and lights to controlling the security system, all at the touch of a button.


It’s show time.

Back to the theatre. Your guests have arrived and taken their seats and the popcorn has been served. You reach for your smartphone and, at the touch of a button, the lights dim. Eyebrows are raised. Friends are impressed. Another button and the acoustically absorbent curtains are drawn, the 100 inch screen illuminates and the room is suddenly filled with incredible, pulse-pounding sound. Cue the goose bumps.

With Push, you get total control over your home entertainment experience, and it can be fully customised to your needs and wants. If the doorbell rings, you can have Push programmed to pause the movie and turn up the lights instantly so you don’t miss a second.


Everything in your control

Often the home theatre is just the start when it comes to automation. A Push Control home automation system is scalable—meaning they could start by automating just the one room but have the “brain” in place to expand out in the future, as their budget allows.

The knowledgeable team at your local West Coast Hifi can walk you through the possibilities in the state demo theatres and answer any questions you have.