New Yamaha AVENTAGE Series 9

Yamaha has released a whole new range of AVENTAGE Series 9 products, expanding on last year’s offerings to bring AI, Alexa functionality, improved components and a free Amazon Echo Dot to consumers.


Surround:AI is Yamaha’s real time audio tuning system which will proactively adapt your audio settings to match the content you’re consuming.

Previous audio systems relied on pre-set modes the user would need to select to match the movie they’re watching, with no compensation for what is happening in the scene. Using AI means that as the content changes from an action scene to a dialogue scene, so will your audio settings.

Keeping in step with current generation technology, AVENTAGE AV will be fully voice controllable via Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which is supported by Smart Skills and Customs Skills available on the Australian Alexa Skills store.

AV receivers in the AVENTAGE Series come with an Amazon Echo Dot in the box so you can start with voice commands straight away.

Yamaha isn’t just fussing with the peripheries though. The Series 9 has a lot of new features for delivering high quality audio.

A big emphasis has been placed on surround sound, the new units supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with revamped CINEMA DSP HD3 models on the RX-A3080.

Signal processing algorithms and three sets of high performance processors work together to produce realistic audio output for total immersion. When set up correctly, the system projects fully realised three dimensional sound.

Inside there are professional-grade DACs on the RX-A1080 and higher models, with the ESS Technology’s state-ofthe-art ESS SABE PRO Premier DAC ES9026PRO with 32-bit Hyper Stream featured on the RX-A3080.

AVENTAGE supports 4K Ultra HD video, including HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG, with additional HDMI ports to be found on the RX A780 and RX-A1080.

Bringing the home entertainment experience together is the new remote control design. If you like the vintage feel, this remote is built to last, with a firm grip and backlit buttons for the RX-A1080 and above. If you prefer a modern feel, the Yamaha MusicCast app works as a fully functional remote.