Depth and detail in 8K Resolution

Uncover Samsung’s best expression of realism and clarity. Positioned at the peak of the QLED family, QLED 8K offers barrier-breaking picture performance from screens with four times the resolution of 4K. Experience big-screen TV entertainment like never before.

What is 8K Resolution

8K Ultra High Definition resolution has 16 times more pixels than Full HD, and 4 times more than 4K Ultra HD. With more than 33 million pixels, QLED 8K delivers dazzlingly crisp detail, even in super big screen sizes. Although there is very limited native 8K resolution content currently available, QLED 8K’s AI Upscaling allows your favourite content to be upscaled to help you see depth and detail like never before.

A new 8K generation is here

See the smallest details in scenes, with astonishing depth to immerse you even further into a new 8K viewing experience and help you feel like you are there.

Our deepest ever black levels

We’ve combined direct LED backlighting and anti-glare technology to precisely adjust brightness and black levels, so you see optimal contrast with our deepest blacks and detail in virtually any light.*

See extra detail in every scene in virtually any light

Our best expression of brightness and contrast lets you discover deeper, more intense colours so you get an incredible viewing experience, even in sun-filled rooms.*

8K AI Upscaling

QLED 8K AI Upscaling uses the power of machine learning to analyse and upscale your favourite content to 8K Resolution. Get the most out of your big screen TV, even with limited native 8K content.

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