PSB CS500 Universal Outdoor Speakers


Enjoy every ounce of acoustic performance found in PSB’s in-room speakers with the compact, all-weather CS500 Universal/Outdoor speakers. Add PSB’s world-renowned ‘true-to-nature’ sound quality to your outdoor living space.

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Engineered and designed for open spaces, the CS500 will also add PSB’s high performance sound to commercial environments, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and fitness centres. The CS500’s compact size will serve a wide range of applications, especially where space is tight.
Ready for Duty

OutDoor Speaker
The CS500’s compact, weatherproof construction includes a UV-resistant polypropylene cabinet, aluminium grille, and rustproof terminals with a rubber cover for added protection against the wrath of Mother Nature. The CS500’s tough construction will also provide protection against the rigours of commercial use.

Small and Flexible
Offering multiple mounting options for all outdoor and commercial installations, the CS500’s compact and versatile design allows you to fit the speaker in almost any nook and cranny. It is equipped with a unique dual-axis rotational mounting bracket system that allows for vertical or horizontal mounting, and either 90

Additional Information

Weight 2.59 kg
Dimensions 20.3 x 19.2 x 26.6 cm

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