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Platinum Home Theatre Upgrades

Take your experience to the next level

You’ve chosen your huge, cinema-quality screen and equally amazing audio components to take it to the next level. But if you truly want to bring the cinema experience home then our Platinum Theatre Experience is what you’re looking for – luxury home theatre seating, glow screens, starlight ceilings and the complete control from your phone or tablet. Read on to find out more.

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The best seat in the house just got better

Enhance your home theatre experience with a luxurious power theatre recliner complete with storage space and cup holder! Or have us design a platform for raised viewing, power headrests, USB charging ports, removable trays, LED-lit bases and the all-important beverage coolers. We can help create the ideal configuration and specification to suit your room, the size of your family and the number of guests that will invite themselves over.

Check out our range of Platinum Cinema seating options in store, which we will deliver and install for you.

Striking glow screens

Glow screens can complement your décor and improve the ambience of your home theatre by adding an attention-grabbing LED light behind your screen.
The effect is truly amazing. And it’s available in a variety of colours and settings on any of our Cinemascope or Standard Fixed Frame screens.

Go on, you know you want one.

Star gazing on the screen and ceiling

There’s nothing better than watching a movie under the stars. Well actually, there is! – Watching it in the comfort and warmth of your own home theatre with a spectacular starlight ceiling. Created from fibre optics inserted into custom-made acoustic panels, your starlight ceiling will not only look incredible, it will also improve the sound quality and atmosphere of your room.

Acoustic treatments for superior sound

Different building materials and room configurations can compromise sound quality. If you’re serious about truly immersive sound, you need room acoustic treatments, like absorption, diffusion and basstrap panels are incredibly effective.

Leave it to us to design an elegant acoustic treatment for your home theatre.

Curtains please

Nothing says VIP quite like acoustic wall curtains, which can transform your home theatre into a luxurious setting whilst improving the acoustics of your room. Made of heavy duty, flame retardant, acoustically absorbent fabric, they are perfect for blocking out unwanted light, eliminating reflections and covering hard surfaces that can cause reverberation and resonance noises.

Limitless options.
One control.

Forget trying to find five remotes.

With West Coast HiFi’s home automation solution you stream your favourite movie or TV show, dim the lights, draw the curtains and turn up the air conditioning from the touch of one centralised remote from your phone or tablet.

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