Thor Technologies is a Western Australian company who design and engineer Power Protection and Filtration products for the Australian Market. It is a commonly known fact that WA has some of the worst power fluctuations and noise in the country which makes a Thor Surge Board & Power Filter an integral and must-have part of every audio-visual system. Not only does it protect your AV equipment from external surges such as lightning, it also protects your AV equipment from internal surges that are generated inside the home from appliances such as Fridges, Washers and Air Conditioning, to name a few. These surges are much more common and over time will reduce the life of your equipment. The other major benefit of a Thor Board is the filtration. All these products that generate surges in the home along with many other external sources can also cause, what is known as “Dirty Power”. This Dirty Power can hold back the performance of your new audio-visual system and stop it from operating to its maximum potential.

A Thor Smart Board installed by West Coast HiFi will help to avoid and improve the below;

  • Reduce Speaker Noise / Subwoofer Hums
  • Improve Streaming
  • Provide Crisper, Brighter pictures
  • Provide Fuller, Richer sound
  • Reduce Light Flickering
  • Reduce Interference from Turning Appliances On/Off
  • Reduce Internet Dropout and Improve Gaming Speeds

Thor Products filter out up to 40% more noise than other products on the market. Thor believes so strongly that their Smart Boards are the best on the market that they have a Connected Equipment Cover on every board meaning every product you own is truly protected.

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