Dynamic Screens 16:9 Fixed Frame Cinema Screen

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FROM $1,100

This 0.98 Gain Screen is our standard screen fabric suitable for most environments and provides even amount of light deflection with no hotspotting.

Dynamic Screens Cinema Screens are custom built to order, delivered already assembled (no messing around assembling them on site) and incorporate high quality screen fabrics, super thin 25mm thin borders and all screens come with a flocked frame.

NOW AVAILABLE with Optional LED Glowscreen.


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What makes Dynamic Screens the best choice for you Home Theatre?

Why German quality screen material?

  1. Every one of our different types of specially engineered materials has a micro textured surface to eliminate hot spots and therefore producing a superior image.
  1. All our screen materials are sourced from Gerriets – a German product used in some of the best commercial Theatres worldwide.
  2. The quality fabrics maintain excellent image quality even when viewed from an angle, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the performance


Why THIN LINE border?

  1. The THIN LINE border gives extra viewing area, especially in confined recesses, giving an extra 3 to 4 inches over other screens.
  1. Cinemascope films are filmed in formats ranging from 2.35 to 1 to 2.39 to 1 and our THIN LINE border is the smallest border that can accommodate the over scan from these different formats..

Why black flocked border?

  1. All our screens are supplied as standard with black flock finish, not an extra.
  1. The black flocking masks any over scan from the projected image, ( especially important with Cinemascope screens, due to the multiple ratios used by movie makers)thus giving a sharper edge to the viewing area and also allows greater scope for projector placement

100″ (2262 x 1294mm), 105″ (2372 x 1356mm), 110″ (2483 x 1418mm), 115″ (2678 x 1565mm), 120″ (2789 x 1628mm), 130″ (3010x 1752mm), 140″ (3231 x 1876mm), 150″ (3452 x 2000mm),

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