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Triad OmniSub 8 Subwoofer

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Even the most diminutive of Triad’s new OmniSub line packs a wallop. In a package not much bigger than one cubic foot, the OmniSub8 provides deep bass and surprising output for home theater or music applications. A proprietary, long-excursion 8″ driver is used in conjunction with a 200 watt Class D amplifier. The amplifier technology retains the sound quality of traditional, hot-running Class AB amplifiers, while running efficiently and cool.

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Features include signal-sensing power-on, volume, crossover and phase adjustments and both line level and speaker level inputs. Triad’s new OmniSubs set the standard for performance, features, and value. Controls are easily accessible from a panel behind the grill. Triad’s new OmniSubs provide excellent performance at a “value” price. All Triad OmniSubs come in an attractive black finish with black grill.

Triad Omnisub 8 Subwoofer Specifications

Anechoic Frequency Response : 32 Hz – 300 Hz

Woofer : (1) 8″ 20cm Long-excursion coated paper

Sub Amp : 200 Watts Class D built-in

Height : 33.9cm

Width : 30cm

Depth : 28.5cm

Product Weight : 11.8kg

Shipping Weight : 13.6kg

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