Quality Power Protection and Filtration from Thor

When it comes to protecting your investment in your HiFi or Home Theatre equipment a Surge Board & Power Filter an integral and must-have part of every audio-visual system.

Not only does it protect your AV equipment from external surges such as lightning, it also protects your AV equipment from internal surges generated inside the home, originating from Fridges, Washers and Air Conditioning just to name a few. These surges are much more common and over time will reduce the life of your equipment.

Thor Technologies is a local Western Australian company who design and engineer Power Protection and Filtration products for the Australian Market.

Thor believes so strongly that their Smart Boards are the best on the market that they have a Connected Equipment Cover on every board meaning every product you own is truly protected.

A Thor surge board or power conditioner installed by West coast HiFi will help to avoid and improve the below;

  • Reduce Speaker Noise / Subwoofer Hums
  • Provide Crisper, Brighter pictures
  • Provide Fuller, Richer sound
  • Reduce Light Flickering
  • Reduce Interference from Turning Appliances On/Off

Innovative products like the Smart TViQ are perfect for a Home Theatre Projector or Big Screen television to provide them with the required surge protection and power filtration. Protect your investment!

The other major benefit of a Thor Board is the filtration. All of these products that generate surges in the home along with many other external sources can also cause what is known as “Dirty Power”. This Dirty Power can hold back the performance of your new audio-visual system and stop it from operating to its maximum potential.

Thor Products filter out up to 40% more noise than other products on the market.

For more information visit https://www.thortechnologies.com.au/ or speak to the staff at your nearest West Coast Hifi store.

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My experience with the Thor A12BK

Purchased the board just two days ago with impressive results

First my stereo setup;

  • SGR Audio CX4F fully active tower speakers both with separate outboard PSU’s
  • Cambridge Audio DAC: 851D – (balanced XLR connection straight into the CX4F)
  • High end PC/music server with Samsung 960 Evo SDD and Corsair 860i PSU
  • JCat Femto USB card
  • Uptone audio Ultracaps LPS 1 linear power supply (feeding the 5v JCat)
  • Various cables all high quality

Let me begin by saying I very rarely take the time to write a testimonial or review but in this instance I’m more than happy too. Prior to inserting the A12 into my system I was using a well-regarded Pro audio surge and filtration unit (with active filtration)

I removed the existing surge/filter unit and inserted the A12… WOW The difference was not subtle!

I won’t bore you with all the Audiophile cliché buzz words, but I instantly noticed deeper blacks (I already had a very quiet noise floor), improved separation/delineation between notes, base is tighter and cleaner and the overall presentation is just smoother more relaxed yet detail/nuance retrieval has increased… how’s that for a party trick.

Without question the best bang for buck upgrade I have experienced in my 30+ years in this wonderful hobby. I am now going to look into this WA Company’s PS10 power conditioner as well

If you love your music and are serious about good SQ please give the Thor A12BK a go, you won’t regret it!

Did I mention it’s an Ozzie company? Love it

Richard Evans Perth WA


I purchased my PS10 about a year ago and only recently introduced it to my system (hi fi / turntable / TV) – a better move I could not have made, it literally turned my system from being not bad to “where did this sound (and picture) come from”

Jack G


To whom it may concern,

I have a home theatre system with a set top box. Every time anything in the kitchen was turned on or the washing machine changed cycles the set top box would scramble the TV picture. I put a Thor Premium A2 power filter on the system because I wanted to protect my theatre system against surges and was amazed to find that the “picture scrambling” problem has totally disappeared. The filtering on this unit is unbelievable.

Mike Spiby


On Friday I installed an A12 Smart Board, due to a history of equipment damage (power supplies mostly) to my hi-fi and connected TV system over the year. It may or may not have something to do with a sub-station just 15 feet away beyond the lounge room wall where my gear sits. From the moment I plugged in the A12 I finally achieved the hi-fi quality I have dreamed of.  I guess it’s cleaned the power supply of noise and conditioned it — whatever, it is a result that finally makes my system worth the money I have spent on it over the years. I am very happy.

I always thought power conditioning was beyond my reach but it seems that’s not the case.

Many thanks for this great Aussie product.


Shane Nichols – Sydney NSW


I recently purchased a Thor Premium Power Filter, to protect my valuable Home Theatre equipment which includes a Rear Projection TV, audiophile Power Amplifier, A/V Amplifier, DVD/SACD player, Phono Turntable, VCR, Subwoofer and associated loudspeakers.

Apart from the peace of mind i had from the 8-way board the 6 year free replacement warranty was not something i thought i would really need to use. However, after a storm went through my area i could detect a burnt odour and found the Thor Power Filter was the culprit. The power board had obviously been severely damaged by a power surge and had thankfully done its job sacrificing itself to save my equipment. To the best of my knowledge my equipment is functioning as if nothing has happened.

I rang the store where i purchased the unit from and they told me to bring it in and it would be replaced for a new board. There were no questions on proof of purchase or receipts it was as easy as bringing in the damaged unit and a replacement was supplied on the spot.

I then rang the manufacturer to let him know about my situation and informed them how happy I was. I have already and would now recommend their product even more highly.

Thank you again

Allan de Souza
Western Australia 6166


As a recent owner of the THOR PS10 I had to write to you and tell you how impressed I was with the construction and performance of the unit.

I have been a hifi enthusiast for over 25 years and have played around with many power regulators and filters for my high end equipment over the years and I can honestly say that the Thor is the first unit I have used which not only solved a mains problem that was frustrating me for a while, but it also markedly improved the quality of the sound I was getting across all frequencies including deeper and better defined bass. It is also one of the best value products of its type on the market.

I also found the service I received from yourself to be first class with prompt responses to all my queries. I would not hesitate in recommending this great product to other audio enthusiasts who will benefit from the improvements in both sound as well as the protection it provides for their expensive audio and video equipment.

Thank you again for all your assistance and support.

John Zack NSW