FACT – High-quality streaming is NOT the same as High-Definition Audio. Until now. Meet Bluesound. This product range IS the real deal when it comes to high-definition, true 24-bit 192kHz playback and streaming.

Bluesound have a suite of components to suit your listening habits. All products feature network and online streaming at the highest possible quality. A USB port for a thumb or hard drive exists on all units. For standalone sound in a room, the powerful PULSE with its audiophile-grade power supply and award-winning amplifier fit the bill. For those who need to take it up a notch, there’s the POWERNODE which allows you to bring your own speakers to the mix. For clients who pride themselves in their stereo setup, add a NODE to take your system into the 21st century. Finally, the VAULT extends on the NODE’s ability, but with a 2TB hard drive for storing your CD collection without a drop in quality. The VAULT makes multiple passes during the ripping process to ensure a bit-for-bit copy takes place.

Like all product reviews, there is only so much we can say… The proof truely is in the pudding, so we invite all of you to stop by to our seven stores and experience something very special.


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