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Wired with West Coast Hifi and Simon Beaumont – Bose Edition

Adrian Parente from West Coast HiFi and Matt Gardiner from Bose joined 6PR’s Simon Beaumont for ‘Wired With West Coast HiFi’. Together they chatted through queries from callers and provided expert advice on everything from connecting a turntable to a soundbar, how voice control can work, surround sound, getting your different devices to talk to […]

Posted: 29/11/2018

HiFi & 2-Channel Audio Buyers Guide

Your first hifi system – what you need to know We love listening to real music, the way the band wanted us to hear it. When you’re listening to an authentic sound especially with songs that are carved into your DNA. The song explodes, the guitar wails and you feel great. What do I need? […]

Posted: 25/11/2016